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OK, this is going to get nasty.

Note to FF writers and role players: Abby is not a teenager, nor is she in her twenties. You don't get that much experience and expertise overnight. The actress herself is pushing 40. When McGee says, "where were you 15 years ago?" (Hiatus 2). She shuts her mouth: tight

See also Cast Birthdays for a general idea of the character ages.

McGee (SM birthday 17 Nov 1977)

This is only a guideline for ff writers:

Just when you thought it was safe along comes the aptly named Double Identity.

McGee Age

I'm going to need some help dechipering but I get:

Date of birth: September 13 (or 12) 1978 (possibly)
Place of Birth: Bethesda, Maryland
Eyes: green Hair: blonde (really?) Height: 6ft 1'
Address 1768 (?) Mintwood (?) Place, Washington DC

Previous on NCIS:
Finally! Epiosde 6.14 Love and War. McGee was 12 on Christmas day 1989. That gives us a 99% chance that he was born in 1977 - the same as the actor.

Early calculations.
As I understand the US school system there are four years of high school - Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior AND four years of College using the same name. In Conspriacy Theory McGee says he was 18 when a junior at MIT. So his schooling year and ages were: High School : Fresh (12), Soph (13), Junior (14), Senior (15) then MIT Fresh (16), Soph (17), Junior (18) and Senior (19) plus his masters in Advance string theory (20).

In Hiatus 2 season 3, he says he was still in high school 15 years ago so that means his age is between 27 and 30 inclusive in season 3.

If you add in his BSc from JH that takes him to 24 when he started his senior year and 25 when he graduates. By the end of season 3, he's been with NCIS for 3 years (we met him in season 1 but he might have only just started working there as he was very 'green' in more ways than one in that episode). This makes him 27-28 by the time of Hiatus BUT we know he worked in a bank for some time before joining NCIS. This would make him at least 28 in Hiatus and if he gave to bank a full year or so of his time (not unreasonable) he would be around 29-30 in Hiatus.

Tony (MW birthday 7 Jul 1968)

Kate Correctly guesses Tony's age in Split Decision (season 1) as 32. If we assume a year per season (possibly not valid) that means he is 32+ 4 = 36 by the end of season 5.

On the other hand, in Bikini Wax he says he is in Chi Alpha Delta frat, Ohio State class of 1989 - that's 18 years from 2007 Season 5. He mentions the frat again in Trojan Horse. Now my US friends tell me this is the date he graduated college and did a four year degree. If he hits uni at 18 then he is 21 when he graduates - that makes him 39 at the end of season 5.

MW was 40 in 2008.

As the writers continue to flaunt canon, we arrive at Obsession episode 7.1 where we see Tony's facebook page listing his age as 41 (same as MW) and birthdate loking like 9/13/1968, star sign Virgo. So he shares a birthday with McGee.

Tony age 41 - Obsession

Abby (PP Birthday 27th March 1969)

Abby is NOT in her early 20's.

In Model Behaviour (S3) Abby says she's been considering novel ways to die for the last 25 years. It is unlikely she start thinking about it from the moment she was born.
In About Face (S5), she says she had her lip stuck in a vacuum cleaner display at age 22.
In Hiatus 2 (S3), she indicates she was older than high school age 15 years ago - i.e. she's older than about 18+15 = 33 in season 3.

PP will be 40 in 2009.

Shannon and Kelly Gibbs

Thanks to GTucker who took these at fanfest.

Shannon Gibbs - born 29th May 1962


Kelly Gibbs - born 16 August 1983


Ziva (CdP birthday 12 Nov 1979)

On Ziva's NCIS Special agent form seen at the end of Inside Man, season 7, we see her birthday as **/12/82. She also has no middle name and is not an American citizen. We have heard her star sign in the one where Ducky goes under cover... so we could pin down some month options.


Picture from KGibbs photo bucket until I can get around to doing my own.

Sarah McGee (TB birthday 28 Oct 1985)

On Twisted Sister, her Waverly University ID says she has the same birthday as her actress: 28 Oct 1985 which makes her about 8 years younger than her big brother Tim.

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